Mountain Lovers at Lake Tahoe

Us four were meant to be. In fact, we almost didn't happen. Amy found us at the last minute, about two weeks before JR would move to Portland. She reached out in hopes we would all four be able to meet before he made his move. JR was a big part in choosing the photographer for his and Amy's wedding since he, in fact, is a photographer! The only time we all four could make work was a sunrise 6 am meeting at Carabello coffee, which come to find out, they hate mornings just as much as we do! We swapped travelling stories, sipped on some coffee, and immediately bonded over being dog parents. Weeks later Amy texted me a dog flipping emoji ( at least I think) that they had chosen us and I felt as if we were best friends. 

Anyways, long story short, these two are such rad people, and the love they share is contageious to everyone aroudn them. We absoulty can not wait to share photos from the actual wedding, but until then, these will do ;)