The birth story of Brees

I arrived at the hospital and little did I know, I was going to be photographing baby Brees less then two hours later. I sent Halie’s sister Payton a text letting her know that I had arrived! She quickly responded telling me that Halie was in the tub dealing with some intense contractions. They allowed me back in the room and I opened the door immediately feeling the most powerful energy of strength I had ever felt. The nurses, Halie’s family, and her husband surrounded her talking her through each contraction. The amount of positive energy around her was unexpalinable.

The connection between Drew and Halie during these painfully beautiful moments was cosmic. He was so in tune with all of her needs, slowly rubbing her hair, and coaching her with his words to get her through each contraction.

Halie eventually moved to the bed where she delivered sweet baby Brees. Her family surrounded her has she brought him into this world. The moment was so powerful and I was so humbled to be apart of it.

My probably favorite part of this story is when her oldest son, Beckham, arrived to meet his baby brother for the first time. <3

Thank you Halie and Drew for allowing me to be apart of such a special part of your lives. I will never forget these moments.